Thank you for giving to People Incorporated

Your gift is a whisper to someone struggling –

“I want you to be well.”

“I’m here for you.”

“You are more than your mental illness. You are loved.”

This year, People Incorporated will support as many as 12,000 people on a journey of recovery. Your gift is in support of them, clearing a path to wellness by providing the crucial resources they need to live and be well. From children who need a safe space to heal to adults who have carried their trauma for far too long, your gift supports recovery in innumerable shapes and forms.

Your gift gives hope and healing to someone fighting an invisible illness.

Thank you for seeing them, and being a light in their darkness.

You are a part of the People Incorporated team.

Your support walks alongside our mental health workers in schools, in homeless encampments, and in therapy rooms.

We cannot do this work without you.

Through your gifts, you are making recovery a possibility.

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