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Riverwind Residence
People Incorporated
2708 119th Avenue NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Phone: 763-862-7944
Fax: 763-767-1077

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Riverwind Crisis Residence provides short term residential mental health stabilization services to adults struggling with severe symptoms due to a mental health crisis.

Who we serve

We serve adults (18+) with mental illness who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Individuals may also be experiencing co-occurring substance use and/or behavioral concerns. We are able to serve individuals who may be at moderate risk of harm to self or others, but are not able to serve individuals who are assessed as high risk of harm to self or others. Individuals must be able to attend to their own personal care and needs such as bathing or dressing.

The goals we set

At Riverwind, our goal is to help individuals manage their immediate mental health needs and formulate plans to prepare to meet future needs. We measure success by the long-term effectiveness of helping those with mental illness learn new coping skills, recognize symptoms earlier, and avoid future needs for immediate interventions. Measures include self-reports, perception of the working alliance with staff members, results of standardized measures and surveys given to recipients at discharge, the quality of the crisis plans completed, and the number of discharges made to less restrictive environments.

Services we provide

Our staff provides crisis stabilization services 24/7 within a home-like environment in keeping with a recovery orientation. Riverwind also provides short-term counseling related to the immediate crisis, psychiatric evaluation, medication evaluation, and rehabilitation services (i.e., skill building to restore a person to a pre-crisis level of functioning). Staff members provide services one-to-one as well as in groups scheduled throughout the day. Staff members consult and connect the individual to other community providers to promote the maximum benefit from the crisis stay and plan a safe discharge. Each person in the program develops a Crisis Plan in collaboration with staff that involves the identification of early warning signs of a relapse in their mental illness as well as coping skills and supports that may be utilized to prevent or manage a future crisis. Length of services can range from 1-10 days with an average length of 3-5 days.

About our location

Riverwind is a welcoming eight-bed home located in a residential neighborhood in Coon Rapids. Shopping and restaurants are located nearby, as are Mercy Hospital and two community mental health centers.

About the process

Our crisis residences operate on a referral basis. We accept self-referrals and referrals made by individuals or a member of the individual’s care team. To initiate this process, please call the crisis residence nearest you at which time a phone assessment will be completed with a Mental Health Practitioner to see if the individual meets criteria for admission.

About our fees

Services are billed to Medical Assistance or to a Managed Care Organization if the Health Plan covers residential crisis services. For individuals with private health insurance we recommend contacting the insurance company to see if residential crisis services are covered. For individuals who do not have MA or if their Health Plan does not cover residential crisis services, the cost of treatment may be covered by a contract with Anoka County.

About our staff

The Riverwind Crisis Residence staff includes Mental Health Professionals and Practitioners from various disciplines, certified peer recovery specialists, nurses and psychiatry. A clinically licensed Mental Health Professional, as well as a Mental Health Practitioner, are involved during the assessment and initial treatment plan development with each referral. Our staff receive individual on-going training in issues such as community resources, mental health issues, family needs, psychosocial rehabilitation, crisis assistance and emergency procedures. Staff has backgrounds in social work, counseling, nursing, and drug and alcohol treatment.


Riverwind Crisis Residence maintains a Rule 36 license from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


Member of the Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs (MACMHP) as well as members of the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA).