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Maghakian Place
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Maghakian Place is licensed by the State of Minnesota as an Intensive Residential Treatment Service. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, the program provides intensive mental health and dual diagnosis treatment for up to 16 adult men and women.

Who we serve

The program provides intensive mental health and dual diagnosis treatment for an adult population of up to sixteen men and women for a maximum of 90 days. Extensions of treatment for additional days are possible with a prior authorization based on medical necessity. An eligible recipient is age 18 or older, is eligible for Medical Assistance or contracted health insurance plan, and meets the Admission Criteria.

Services we provide

Intensive residential rehabilitative mental health services are time-limited services provided in a residential setting to recipients in need of a more structured setting and are at risk of significant functional impairments or deficits if they do not receive these services. Intensive Residential Treatment services are designed to develop and enhance psychiatric stability, self-management of symptoms, self-sufficiency, and the necessary skills to increase quality of life. The services are directed toward a targeted discharge date with specified recipient outcomes. Treatment adheres to standards that have been designed using Evidence Based Practices. These practices were developed over several years through research and pilot projects. They are the most up to date methods in providing individual treatment, focusing on learning the skills to manage one’s illness and pursuing personal goals.

Illness Management and Recovery is a program that helps people who experience psychiatric symptoms to develop personalized strategies for managing their mental illness and moving forward in their lives. The program is offered in both individual and group format. In the program, practitioners work collaboratively with people, offering a variety of information, strategies, and skills that people can use to further their own recovery. There is a strong emphasis on helping people set and pursue personal goals, empowering people to make choices, and instilling hope that change is possible.

Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment is mental health and substance abuse treatment integrated in a single treatment setting in which we adhere to an interdisciplinary approach. The team works collaboratively and assesses treatment readiness, uses motivational interviewing, employs harm reduction strategies with a non-confrontational approach, as well as stage-wise treatment interventions.

Family Education is treatment services for family members and recipients in need of information, assistance and support; including an educational curriculum addressing basic facts about the causes of mental illness and its treatment, including information about medication; practical advice or teaching how to manage and cope with difficult situations involving family members with a mental illness; family support groups and counseling; and community resources, including seeking crisis assistance and advocacy services. Family education can be provided on an individual or group basis.

The following services are provided within the Maghakian Place Intensive Residential Treatment program:

  • Skills teaching and coping skills development
  • Recovery forward treatment
  • Individualized assessment and treatment planning
  • Crisis assistance, development of health care directives, crisis prevention plans and relapse prevention plans
  • Nursing services
  • Inter- and intra-agency case coordination
  • Transition and discharge planning
  • Living skills development, including medication self-administration, healthy living, household management, cooking and nutrition, budgeting and shopping, and using transportation.

Recipients may access and receive services outside our facility for which they are eligible, specifically in situations when it would further the continuity of treatment and transition to the community.

About our location

Maghakian Place is a renovated apartment building on the east side of downtown St. Paul, close to bus lines and within an ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood. We provide an attractive, well-cared-for, home-like environment. . We work to make sure the individuals we serve feel supported and valued.

About the process

Maghakian Place accepts referrals 24 hours a day by calling 651-228-4012 and leaving referral information or by faxing information to the fax number listed. Applicants will be screened and evaluated to determine if placement is appropriate.

About our fees

Treatment costs are billed to medical assistance or to a Managed Care Organization if the Health Plan covers IRTS services. Room and Board is paid for by resident income (including but not limited to Supplementary Security Income, Social Security Disability Income and private pay), and is supplemented by Group Residential Housing (GRH) funds.

About our staff

Our staff possesses diverse skills, with education and experience in a variety of fields, including social work, psychology, chemical health, therapeutic recreation, peer specialists and nursing.

Hours of operation

Maghakian Place is a 24/7 program.


Maghakian Place is licensed by the State of Minnesota as an Intensive Residential Treatment Service (IRTS).


Member of the Minnesota Association of Mental Health Residential Facilities (MAMHRF) and the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA).