Foundational Health Services

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2060 Centre Pointe Blvd
Suite 3
St Paul, MN 55120

Phone: 651-774-0011

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Research shows that mental health and physical health are inextricably intertwined. Foundational Health Services provides traditional nurse-driven health services such as medication administration, health screenings and addressing needs of clients with co-occurring disorders. In addition, we collaborate with Foundational Wellbeing Services to facilitate evidence-based, one-on-one and group educational services in the following areas:

  • Counseling and education to prevent illness and injury
  • Counseling and education for established symptoms, diagnosis, or illness
  • Diabetic self-management

This deliberate collaboration between nursing and Foundational Wellbeing Services helps to ensure that we are providing educational whole health services in a person-centered, culturally aware fashion. Foundational Health Services are available to all People Incorporated clients.