Adult Foster Care in Dakota County – Foliage House

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Foliage House
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Adult Foster Care in Dakota County (Colonial House, Foliage House, McAndrews House, River Hills House) is a four-bed Corporate Foster Care program for people whose mental health challenges are currently significant enough to necessitate support and supervision within their residence. We provide a safe environment that helps individuals to become more self-sufficient and accomplish their goals.

Who we serve

Colonial House, Foliage House, McAndrews House, and River Hills House each serve adults (18+) who are identified by Dakota County Mental Health as a candidate for Adult Foster Care. All potential residents must be CADI/BI waiver eligible.

The goals we set

We don’t determine the goals for the people we serve. We trust that they’re the experts when it comes to the direction in which they would like their life to grow. In general, we help those we serve to uncover their inner strengths and to move towards as much independence as possible.

Services we provide

The program provides a home atmosphere for people to strengthen their independent living skills. We offer help with medication management, transportation to appointments, independent living skills (ILS) training, educational groups, socialization, crisis intervention/prevention, meal planning, cooking, one-to-one counseling and appointment scheduling. Each individual’s routine or daily schedule is determined by his/her priorities and needs as they define them.

About our location

All four homes are located in the heart of residential neighborhoods in Dakota County. They are all within close proximity to parks, biking/walking trails, bus lines, business, shopping and restaurants. The environment fosters as much independence as possible. The program has four beds for long-term residents and provides 24-hour (including awake overnight staff) on-site support.

About the process

Individuals are referred by Dakota County Adult Mental Health. After a referral, an intake session is scheduled with prospective residents to ensure compatibility between the program, current residents of the home, and what the individual is looking for in a residential placement. The intake includes a detailed description of our program and expectations, as well as a tour of the house.

About our fees

Room and board are paid for via a combination of GRH funds and client payments. Services are paid for by CADI/BI funds.

About our staff

Our staff are Mental Health Practitioners with a combination of education and experience in the mental health arena. We also have awake-overnight staff who are well trained to address any crisis that could occur during the overnight hours.

Hours of operation

We have staff onsite at all times.


We are licensed through the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Rule 245D site.