Supportive Housing

We offer supportive, long-term residential housing programs with services for adults living with a mental health diagnosis. These safe, welcoming locations provide a home-like atmosphere and are located in residential neighborhoods in and around St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding suburbs.

We help individuals wherever they are in their mental health journey through services that include independent living skill development and support in the following areas: mental health management, home management, community orientation, crisis intervention/prevention, and interpersonal communication. We take a person-centered approach to care, meaning we believe our clients are the experts on their experience, goals, and what wellness means to them. We collaborate with individuals as they work toward their goals for health and wellness.

Current Residential Housing Openings

  • Housing with Services- Ramsey County- Edgebrook House- 1 female opening (must have Ramsey CFR)
  • Housing with Services- Ramsey County- Londin House- 1 female opening (must have Ramsey CFR)
  • Housing with Services- Girard House- 2 male openings 
  • Dakota Apartment Program – 1 male opening for shared apartment
  • People II (ICF/DD)- 1 opening
  • Adult Foster Care- Hennepin County- Scott House- 1 opening for 3/2020 (participant must be deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind and use ASL as primary mode of communication)