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Client Stories

“Mental illness” is a label for a wide range of conditions, and individuals are affected in very different ways. Some get along well with just medication, while others need more intensive support with chemical addictions or developing social skills. People Incorporated looks at each individual’s needs first, and puts together the care, resources, and connections that will help each person in the best way possible. And our client satisfaction survey results prove that what we do works:

    • 92 percent of respondents reported increased ability to manage mental health
    • 90 percent of respondents reported increased ability to manage physical health
    • 92 percent of respondents reported increased ability to manage their lives
    • 89 percent of respondents reported fewer legal problems
    • 88 percent of respondents reported less drug/alcohol use

Here are just a few of our client’s stories, illustrating our person-centered approach:


Susan shares how our Artability program changed her life. “I would have checked out. I didn’t want to live with the pain anymore. And I’m so thankful I didn’t. My life is so rich and it is because of People Incorporated.”

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Kathleen credits People Incorporated’s Riverwind Crisis Residence with saving her life when she was clinically depressed. She and her daughter talk about the care and help she received.

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Loren was a client with People Incorporated’s Case Management Services. He shares his inspirational story of hope in this video created for one of our Changing Minds luncheons.

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Cynthia has used People Incorporated’s Nancy Page Crisis Residence several times when in a mental health crisis. Here she talks about how the crisis-residence approach makes dealing with a crisis so much easier than the typical hospital setting.

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David’s story illustrates how we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each individual client. David lived in a People Incorporated residence while learning to live independently in the community again after struggles with drugs and gangs.

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Marlin benefitted from People Incorporated’s unique approach to case management. His powerful story of recovery is captured in this video. He also shared his story in-person at one of our Changing Minds luncheons.

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Maia was a client at People Incorporated’s Huss Center for Recovery. She fought addiction fueled by mental illness, and shares her own personal story of recovery in this video we put together for one of our Changing Minds luncheons.

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Over half of people living without shelter have some form of mental illness. Rick’s story illustrates how our “spectrum of care” can help a homeless person with mental illness gradually move off the street and into independent housing.

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This video looks at the Artability initiative through the eyes of Artability art instructor and People Incorporated client Mike Conroy. It was published just after the 2016 Artability Art Show & Sale. Read more about Artability here.

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