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People Incorporated Program Volunteer Position Survey

People Incorporated Volunteer Engagement Assessment

People Incorporated would like to increase volunteer engagement across the organization. We have realigned the vision for volunteer involvement to reflect our organizational mission and long-term goals.

GOAL: Increase affiliation-oriented, Group and Team volunteer efforts that create a sense of connection to a cause for donor and community awareness outreach and when applicable, offer skill-oriented, Pro-Bono volunteer efforts to support programs’ ability to provide quality, efficient services and care. Create long-term, re-occurring relationships with both affiliation-oriented and skill-oriented volunteers.

We want to learn about your program’s volunteer needs to understand how to best execute volunteer engagement within this goal structure. All potential opportunities will be evaluated to determine legal eligibility for a volunteer position.

  • When thinking about potential volunteer opportunities for your program, please reflect upon how they fit within these volunteer opportunity types:

    •Affiliation-oriented: Groups and Teams (5+ individuals) that desire to support or connect to a cause. Opportunities can include: corporate days of service with work teams (doing landscape work/gardening serving meals, other clean-up tasks), fundraisers, mentoring, event help. These opportunities reflect mainly unskilled labor that require minimal training and fewer backend processes (i.e.: no background checks, interviews), making volunteer facilitation more efficient and effective. However, with fewer background requirements, these opportunities would need more direct supervision.

    •Skill-oriented: Individuals that desire opportunities tailored specifically to unique skills, talents or resources. Opportunities can include: administrative tasks, or other pro bono consultant work in a certain project area. These opportunities also require additional training, rigorous screening and backend processes (applications, interviews, background checks) requiring evaluation against whether they fit volunteer management criteria (assessing whether volunteering is most effective way to meet the program’s needs).