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There’s simply no better way to promote hope and independence for people with mental illnesses.

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Client Testimonial

I had been homeless for two years when I got involved with People Incorporated. Now I have my own apartment, I’m working on my GED, and I’m planning to go to college and then find work. I’m just so grateful.

— Jennifer


Let’s collaborate, build community, and fight the mental health stigma together! Volunteer with People Incorporated to support the mental health and wellness of our entire community. Because our mission emphasizes collaboration with community partners to provide integrated mental health care and education, our volunteer program is similarly focused on working together with organizations such as businesses, churches, and foundations to extend our reach and impact.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a variety of landscaping group volunteer projects at our various inpatient and outpatient locations. We also have opportunities for groups to volunteer at People Incorporated events.

Learn more about the group volunteering options available, the group volunteer process, and submit a Group Volunteer Project Request Form. Group volunteer opportunities are for individuals ages 10 and up with adult guardian permission.

Group Volunteer Projects  

 Group Volunteer Project Request Form  

Individual Volunteer Opportunities and Student Internships

While we do not offer individual volunteer opportunities at this time, we do provide student internships for the fall, winter, spring, and summer semesters. Any available internships will be listed on our career page. Internships are managed by our Human Resources department and involve a formal application and interview process. If we do not have internships available that meet your needs, you can create a job profile and indicate your interests for a future internship position when we have an opening.

Learn more about our internship program.

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