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As an essential health care provider, we continue to respond to the emerging needs of our clients, staff, and communities as it relates to COVID-19. As a result, and in connection with the CDC’s current recommendations to minimize contact, we have suspended all Artability Workshop classes and programming. This is a fluid situation and People Incorporated will continue to monitor and provide updates as new information becomes available. We thank you for your understanding and shared efforts to keep our communities safe.

The Artability program provides free art workshops to the general public to promote mental health in the community. Artability workshops provide a safe and supportive space for people to explore their creativity, try something new, and play with a variety of art materials. The workshops are also a great way to connect with others, socialize, and build community. Artability creates a space for people to tap into the creativity within themselves free of expectations or judgments. Art can be a powerful tool for self-expression, healing, personal growth, and a bit of fun.

Because mental health is community health, our public workshops and art show are open to any adult 18 years of age or older experiencing barriers to mental wellness. Proof of a mental health diagnosis, documentation, or intake is not required to attend Artability workshops.

We also host an annual Artability Art Show where artists can show showcase and celebrate the amazing work happening in Artability workshops. Artists receive 80% of the profits from the sale of their art, with 20% supporting ongoing Artability programming.

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How Artability Changes Lives

“My life is so rich and it is because of People Incorporated. They’ve given me a way to express my gifts and a way to recognize that I do have gifts.” We are grateful to Susan for sharing her story of recovery with us, revealing how the Artability program helped save her life. This program exists because people like you give to People Incorporated. Art, music, movement, and other wellness programs at People Incorporated have a much higher demand than our financial resources can provide. Your support would allow us to bring Artability and our wellness services to more people in recovery from their mental illness. You can help people like Susan by giving a gift of only $50 to purchase supplies for an Artability class.

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