Epilepsy Services

We serve adults and adolescents (14+) who have severe or intractable epilepsy who live in Minnesota.

Our goal is to help people who have epilepsy get services that best support their independence and goals, helping them become eligible for and transition to longer-term services.


We are taking referrals, and there are several ways to send us one.

  • We serve adults and adolescents (14+) who have intractable epilepsy who live in Minnesota.
  • We can drive to meet people both in urban and rural parts of Minnesota. Because this program is grant funded, we can serve people even if they don’t have insurance or disability certification.

Our services are person-centered, meaning they’re directed by each person we serve, helping each individual reach their goals.

Typically we meet  bi-monthly, two to four hours per visit, yet we can meet more often or less.

One of our main functions is to connect people to service providers:

  • Refer people to providers such as neurologists, disability benefits attorneys, in-home nurses, employment coaches, and medical and mental health providers
  • Walk people through the processes of becoming eligible for services such as  Medical Assistance and disability certification

We also help people develop independent living skills:

  • Develop and practice routines for managing medications
  • Track seizure information and learn how to communicate that to neurology providers
  • Learn and use online disability navigation tools
  • Search and apply for housing
  • Practice tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking, and meal planning
  • Take steps to improve health and wellness