Epilepsy Services

We serve adults and adolescents (14+) who have severe or intractable epilepsy who live in Minnesota.

Our services are person-centered, meaning they’re directed by each person we serve, helping each individual reach their goals.

Connecting people to service providers:

  • Refer people to providers such as neurologists, disability benefits attorneys, in-home nurses, employment coaches, and medical and mental health providers
  • Walk people through the processes of becoming eligible for services such as  Medical Assistance and disability certification

Helping people develop independent living skills:

  • Develop and practice routines for managing medications
  • Track seizure information and learn how to communicate that to neurology providers
  • Learn and use online disability navigation tools
  • Search and apply for housing
  • Practice tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking, and meal planning
  • Take steps to improve health and wellness


  • For more information or to make a referral, please contact the program supervisor, Byron Broughten.
  • Phone: 651-368-6168
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Download and fill out this brief referral form and email it to Byron or FAX to 651-291-1082.