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— Vanessa, People Incorporated

Restorative Parenting

Date: December 10th, 2019
Time: 8:45am-4:00pm
CEUs: 6.0
CEU Type(s): Social Work

Ways to Join:

  • In person in Eagan, MN
  • Via LIVE online stream

Focusing on foundational practices, this workshop provides a model for practitioners to use in the rebuilding of relationships between parents and children in the aftermath of violence or trauma in the home. The class is designed for those who work with abusers and/or survivors.

When violence happens in a family the unwritten and unspoken contract at the heart of the relationship between child and parent(s) is broken. This class focuses on a structured process for assisting parents to restore this contract and work at rebuilding the relationship with their child in the aftermath of trauma or family violence. Children experience parents’ behaviors differently in the shadow of family violence. A parent who is the victim or the perpetrator of family violence often has, for a variety of reasons not stayed in touch with the effects of the violence on their child. One of the Restorative Parenting program principles is that it is the responsibility of the parent to connect and rebuild the relationship with their child. Once their clouded perspective has lifted and they are able to objectively understand what has happened frequently these parents search for a process to help them regain and sustain new connections with their child. The Restorative Parenting process combines the understanding to address the needs of trauma victims while maintaining the support for survivors of domestic violence and the necessary elements to hold perpetrators of domestic abuse accountable for their behaviors with principles of Restorative Justice theory and practice.


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People Incorporated Training Institute

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