Artwork by Kimberly A. Laudert

As of Now

  • Medium: Creative Writing
  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $5
  • Status: Available
  • Inspiration:

    My son, who has Down syndrome, inspires me in all things.

    When your eyes
    slip into crescent moons,
    lashes skidding into shadows,
    then warmly
    moisture brushes daytime
    from memory
    from the room, now,
    from existence.

    while lingering
    I am the tideline
    to your calling
    my Little Love, oh Tiny Bit.
    You milk my sadness
    and its sweetness.
    blend the moment
    into the waxing of a lifetime.

    When I lift cup, and tasting memory
    am filled and flooded
    between the time
    and, in that time
    in what it takes to hold your hand in mine
    and mark the dimples
    in each finger’s bend,
    there forms a wrinkle.
    Once a gaping hole,
    now a familiar hollow
    just beneath the heart
    and ribs.

    with covers tucked to chin,
    thumb pulled to tongue
    caught in time
    at night,
    as well as day,
    I rest a blessing on your cheek.
    I close the door.
    I say good night.


  • Medium: Creative Writing
  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $5
  • Status: Available
  • Inspiration:

    Birthday celebration in a remote area.

    I bask in the sunlight of promises
    where warmth begins the day,
    where lazy thin clouds
    feather their way across the sky.
    What golden bliss awaits
    just out the window’s mouth
    an egg yolk reminder
    of Fall in its wake?

    Bread rises
    And I do
    To sing in this first day,
    Yeasty and full!

    So words come gently to me
    I welcome each breath
    and breathe,
    inhaling moments as they peak.
    I kiss morning full on the lips,
    flirting with each detail:
    The breeze
    as it swings in the trees
    white pine stables, humble and green,
    Sweet beets garlic breakfast
    And coffee with cream,
    join in the celebration of this
    The first morning.


  • Medium: Creative Writing
  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $5
  • Status: Available
  • Inspiration:

    Appreciating the whole person I am, not just my disability.

    “I am a human being, not a human doing.”


    In the word
    lies ability,
    a contradiction
    to its name
    a truth and disclaimer
    of the aforementioned.
    I am and that is enough.

    Sensual, sexual, sassy,
    Beautiful, bountiful, bouncy,
    a Mother Earth Goddess-type
    who can dish it out as
    she dishes it up!
    Motherly, sisterly, friendful,
    Compassionate and mindful,
    A thousand love lines follow.

    Words whiz by
    On “pencycle”
    And in principle,
    Integrity rains clear.
    Then, when beauty’s pansy-like face sprouts
    tempered shouts bounce from
    brain to mouth
    from heart to tongue,
    And I sing praise.
    That is enough!

The Edge

  • Medium: Creative Writing
  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $5
  • Status: Available
  • Inspiration:

    Finding meaning in life, even in the hard times.

    I’ve reached the edge
    where “No”
    Where a swill of
    single malt Scotch
    warms my mouth again and again
    does not relieve
    anxiety’s mask which hangs hard and low;
    A beam of solid darkness
    A black hole
    Fists shoved into pockets of
    Winter’s wool coat.
    Cold there. Ice on the window.

    Leaves my body –
    This shell for the soul –
    a whisper
    whose voice clasps
    This life and another.
    Bitter or not, its taste
    Coats my tongue and for a moment,
    I die.

    Palms flutter open,
    longing for Oneness
    fills my lungs and
    bathes me in
    the softness
    that is the sacred circle.
    The question of who I am

White Lies

  • Medium: Creative Writing
  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $5
  • Status: Available
  • Inspiration:

    The challenges of living with disability and judgement from others.

    Snowflakes tumble from
    the sky’s mouth
    as easily as lies from mine.
    Not big clumps of flakes, wet and heavy
    that drop,
    nor those hurried by the wind.
    Instead, soft ones, lazy ones
    barely accumulating in the thin layer
    over the ground and cars, yet
    enough to make the world white.
    Jack Frost has been here, leaving lace behind
    and still I can see through the windows.
    The truth is not bare, or sparse, or spare.

    A friend nags at me
    An hour running
    seeing less than I have in others
    in patients whose decayed teeth
    she pulls for free.
    Compelled to do this for me
    she puts a face on poverty
    and shines light on the man whose
    cane braces his body wracked by multiple sclerosis.

    I tell this story:
    depression off and on through all my life.
    And the Dark Ages, the Great Depression,
    in which anxiety nearly scraped me clean of life.
    Where sleep leaned heavily,
    sleep like the plague,
    tipping the day’s balance into six hours.
    Where vigilance bore down my back
    more than the wind in March.
    And physical pain
    that will mark this body
    each day and the lifetime.
    “I am my own full time job”, I explain.

    Take less, she says, of my skills and resourcefulness
    so there is more for others.
    And I balk; this deficit thinking
    makes me more sad than angry
    as if the poor and ill should
    live smaller because we are so many.

    Can I live with myself?
    Shame rivals integrity as its nemesis.
    I do the best I can.

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