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Staff Testimonial

I have been able to take as many trainings as I like without worrying about budget. The in-house training department is a great employee benefit!

— Mary, Case Manager

About People Incorporated

Our Mission

Supporting mental health and wellness in our community through collaboration and integration of care

Our Vision

We will be a leading community partner in the provision of continuum driven, integrated care based in best practice.
People Incorporated:
   > Improves the quality of life for individuals and families experiencing barriers to mental health and wellness
   > Collaborates with others to provide programs and services that demonstrate positive results
   > Provides shared learning experiences to promote skills and support in the community
   > Influences public attitude about mental health, affects changes in public policy and promotes public awareness
   > Responds to the changing complexity of our community through a model of integrated care

Our Values

People Incorporated values:
   > A foundation of dignity and respect
   > The individual as the principal voice for care he or she receives
   > A team orientated environment supported with continuous learning

People Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that serves people with mental illness in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro area. Founded in 1969, we now operate nearly 60 programs including children’s programs, crisis residences, programs to help the homeless, residential programs, treatment services, case management, and in-home health services. In 2017 we served more than 10,000 people with a budget of $41 million.

Helping people with mental illness requires great flexibility and creativity. That’s why we start with the person first—developing innovative, effective services that provide the care, resources, and connections that will help each person in the best way possible.

Why ‘People Incorporated’?

Historically, mental illness has been poorly understood. Seen as a character weakness, a bodily fluid imbalance, demonic possession and more, those afflicted were isolated, harshly treated and kept separate from mainstream society.

People Incorporated was founded on the belief that those living with mental illness could be ‘incorporated’ back into society. And society itself could be incorporated into efforts to support these individuals.

The name ‘People Incorporated’ encompasses this belief, and more than 45 years of results proves its wisdom.

People Incorporated’s Service Divisions

We’ve created overview videos of the work done by each of our seven divisions and posted them to our YouTube channel: