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2018 Artability Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2018 Artability Art Show and Sale winners in the following categories. These artists received these honors based upon nearly 600 submissions collectively received in both the art and writing categories from more than 160 artists.

Best in Show
Kandace Krause – Me Before Me

1st – Deb Geelsdottir – Woman & Boy
2nd – Heather Spielman – The Bedtime Story Begins at Dawn
H.M. – Faye Buffington-Howell – A Veil of Grief – to Journey and Ride on – To Let Go

1st – D.D. – Black Female Archetype #4
2nd – Morgan Brooke – Memories
H.M. – Sandra Lynn Geer – Copper Horse

Graphic Works
1st – Ashley Adams – Be Careful What You Wish For
2nd – Julia C. Spencer – Repetition
H.M. – Douglas Blue – Lost Portal to Atlantis

1st – Dennis DeMatthew – Stadium Reflection
2nd – Kiki Rogers – Joyful
H.M. – Alex Amble – Esprit

Best Social Commentary 
Lacey Woida – MNI WICONI

Mixed Media
1st – Mama Ethel – Glory of Motherhood
2nd – Kata – Walking the Earth
H.M. – D.D. – Harlem Fall/Winter: Hidden in Plain Sight

1st – Echo G.- Loquasiocity: Talking Like Hrabal
2nd – Echo G.- The Flow of Energy in the Phillips-Wangensteen Building
H.M. – Benjamin Revier – Inspiring Heart

1st – Lacey Woida – Vapor
2nd – C. Graber – Sleep
H.M. – Ruth Lais – Painter

1st – Lori Rae Knutson – Crestview Assisted Living
2nd – Jill Lynne Ness – A Night Without Stars
H.M. – Martha Bird – From Michigan to Minnesota…And Reaching Back Again

Best Use of Color 
Thia – Enchanted Tree

Scholarship/Special Awards

Alex Galle Award – Peter  and the Melissa Lewis Award – D.D.