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Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Services

July 8, 2017

On July 1, People Incorporated became one of only six providers in Minnesota to launch Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) services that provide a new model of care for individuals with mental illnesses, chronic addictions and substance use disorders. CCBHC outpatient services, available in only eight states including Minnesota, are deliverables of the 2014 Excellence in Mental Health Care Act. This legislation represents a $1 billion nationwide, federal investment in the mental health care sector.

Specifically, the CCBHC is a two-year demonstration initiative geared at improving quality of care, community access and Medicaid reimbursement for mental health and substance use services.

“It’s important to recognize that the CCBHC is not a program, but a model of care,” said Jill Wiedemann-West, CEO of People Incorporated. “CCBHCs are revolutionary, providing an all-in-one evidence-based, person-centered approach to care, integrating chemical, behavioral and physical health outpatient services once only available through multiple agencies or organizations. A person-centered or family-centered care approach considers the client’s choice in all services provided.”

CCBHC services are available to any individual, including veterans, those uninsured, on Medicaid or of low-income status, with serious mental illnesses, substance use disorders and/or chronic addictions. All CCBHC locations must provide the following nine offerings: mental health and substance use screenings, risk assessments and diagnoses, 24-hour mental health crisis team availability, outpatient mental health and substance use services, outpatient primary care screenings, targeted case management, family support and counseling services, patient-centered, evidence-based treatment planning and services for veterans.

“It’s exciting to lead the execution of the CCBHC model of care for Minnesota and the nation, which follows a strikingly similar approach to mental health care that our organization was built upon nearly 50 years ago,” added Wiedemann-West. “Ultimately, CCBHCs expand the range and depth of what we screen and assess our clients for and in turn, we treat the whole person through a Care Coordinator role. A Care Coordinator ensures that service planning is integrated, collaborative and meets each individual’s needs.”

The CCBHC model expands the availability of services previously limited to children’s services such as Clinical Care Consultation and Family Psychoeducation. Clinical Care Consultation provides effective two-way communication and engagement between all mental health professionals, providers and educators servicing one individual. Family Psychoeducation integrates structured face-to-face meetings with family members and the patient, helping prevent relapse, increase skill development and institute long-term recovery strategies.

The goals of this two-year pilot program are creating seamless transitions for patients across the full spectrum of health services, increasing patient and family satisfaction and finally, reducing mortality, suicide, substance abuse, hospitalization, incarceration and homelessness rates.

CCBHC services are available at most of People Incorporated’s locations including its Walk-In Clinics:

  • Stark Mental Health Clinic, 2120 Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404
  • Family Life Mental Health Center, 1930 Coon Rapids Boulevard, Coon Rapids, MN, 55433
  • Northside, 1309 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis, MN, 55411
  • York, 317 York Ave., St. Paul, MN, 55130

For more information on People Incorporated CCBHC services and locations, please call 651-774-0011 or email