Nancy Page Crisis Residence

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Nancy Page Residence
People Incorporated
245 South Clifton Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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People Incorporated Nancy Page Crisis Residence provides residential mental health crisis stabilization services to adults with mental illness, who may also have other behavioral problems and/or chemical abuse/dependency issues. Primary treatment occurs both internally and externally with specialized services provided by community and program professionals.

Who we serve

Nancy Page serves all adults 18+ who are in crisis. Usually recipients are those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and may have other behavioral issues such as self-injurious behavior, including suicide attempts and chemical abuse/dependency. In addition, they might have other disabilities such as epilepsy or visual or auditory impairment. Some clients have completed inpatient psychiatric treatment at an acute care setting, are stable, and are awaiting a discharge placement. Other clients include those who would otherwise be at risk of hospitalization without Intensive Residential Treatment Services. These referrals will come from the Acute Psychiatric Services at Hennepin County Medical Center or from the COPE Team in the community.

Services we provide

Services provided will be directly related to a Crisis Stabilization Plan developed within 24 hours of admission. Services provided to address the Crisis Stabilization Plan will be based on evidence based psychiatric rehabilitation practices proven to achieve the best outcomes for consumers with mental illness. Practices will include medication education, family psycho-education, integrated dual disorder treatment, illness management, and recovery services.

About our location

Nancy Page is a safe, supportive and caring environment created within a 3-story Victorian Mansion located in the Loring Park Area of Minneapolis.

About the process

Our crisis residences operate on a referral basis. To be eligible for services, you must be 18 years old or older, currently suffering from a mental health crisis, and referred by a Mental Health Practitioner based on a professional screening. To initiate this process, please call the crisis residence nearest you. People Incorporated’s crisis residences accept all major medical insurance, as well as Medical Assistance.

About our fees

The program is a provider for the all the major health insurance companies, as well as Medical Assistance. Persons who are uninsured must be approved through the Hennepin County’s mobile crisis team prior to admission.

About our staff

The Nancy Page Crisis Residence staff includes Mental Health Professionals, Practitioners, substance abuse specialists, nurses and psychiatry.

Hours of operation

Nancy Page provides services 24-hours a day, every day of the year.


Licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as a Supervised Living Facility and by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Rule 36 Category 1 Residential Treatment Program – Crisis Services. Member of the Minnesota Association of Mental Health Residential Facilities.


Member of the Mental Health Providers Association of Minnesota (MHPAM).