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Epilepsy and Mental Health Services

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Epilepsy and Mental Health Services
People Incorporated
630 Cedar Avenue, Suite 201
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Phone: 612-338-9035
Fax: 612-338-1160

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Epilepsy and Mental Health Services provides support to adults (18+) with difficult-to-control seizures and/or mental health issues. The program has three distinct services:

  • Transitions State Grant — This service specifically serves clients with seizure disorders, acquired brain injuries or traumatic brain injury. This service works with individuals to secure long-term housing, long-term services, income, and to teach living skills.

  • Customized Living — This waivered service targets clients in need of long-term care who would benefit from 24-hour access to awake staff.

  • Independent Living Skills (ILS) training — This service is for individuals on CADI or TBI waivers. ILS skills training helps participants learn skills to manage their finances, housing, medical care, community resources, transportation and other life skills essential to maintaining a level of independence. 

Who we serve

Adults (18+) who live in Minnesota and who have a seizure disorder, a traumatic brain injury and/or a mental illness may be eligible for these services. Supported apartment living must be a reasonable expectation for individuals in this program. Individuals who are not residents of Minnesota are not eligible for services. Many of the people we serve experience a mental illness in addition to their seizure disorder.

The goals we set

Epilepsy and Mental Health Services partners with individuals to identify their long and short term goals based on current levels of functioning. Goals are centered around increasing independence and ensuring primary needs are met.

Services we provide

With all service types, staff meet with individuals in the community and partner to work on goals established. Many goals and associated services are geared to increase and maintain independent living skills. This may include teaching and skill development in the following areas: coordination of services; transportation; meal planning; budgeting; symptom management; personal care; interpersonal and social skills; management of health care; and nutrition.

Customized Living also incorporates additional needed services that may include housekeeping, medication administration and meal preparation.

Transitions services may incorporate elements of case management. This may include assisting an individual in applying for social security, accessing health care programs and/or locating long term services. 

About our location

The program is housed in a Minneapolis Public Housing complex (The Cedars). Individuals in our Customized Living Program live at The Cedars in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis. Others may live in this location or in their own apartments. The Cedars are located near downtown Minneapolis and the West Bank of the University of Minnesota in an area known for its theatres and restaurants. It is a multi-cultural hub that is served by six public bus routes and the Minnehaha Corridor Light Rail Train.

About the process

This program accepts referrals from medical clinics, social workers, family members, individuals with epilepsy or traumatic brain injury, and interested others.

About our fees

Participants who are in the Customized Living Program are responsible for their own food, clothing, and shelter expenses. As tenants of public housing, apartments are subsidized and participants pay only 30 percent of their monthly income. Transitions services are paid for through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Independent Living Skills and Customized Living are paid for through Medical Assistance/Waiver funding. Participants are responsible for co-pays and spend-downs as determined by their insurance.

About our staff

Staff have education and experience in human services. The program also has a Registered Nurse for Customized Living Services and for consulting with Transitions Services.

Hours of operation

The staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for medical and other emergencies for Customized Living services participants. Independent Living Skills services are offered primarily during business hours with some evening and weekend availability.


Customized Living Services are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health and the program is a Certified Housing with Services establishment. Independent Living Skills services are licensed under Rule 245D.


Member of the Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs (MACMHP) as well as members of the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA). This program is partially funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The program partners with Minneapolis Public Housing. The program collaborates with the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.